Integrated Curriculum Plan


Dallas Arboretum


Adventure Backpacks - During School Day

Original learning objectives and instructional considerations at time of Voucher issuance.
This will tie in to science, art and language curricula. Students will make connections between pl

Grades receiving lesson plan:
Pre K, Kindergarten
General Classroom  Grade to score: Pre K

1. List the objectives and instructional considerations motivating the selection of this experience. You may copy this text from the "Lesson Objectives, TEKS/SE" portion of your DISD Lesson Plan. Additionally, please include how this experience addresses your objectives.
The students will observe plants in their natural enviornment and use age-appropriate tools and models to make observations.

2. Describe in detail the specific instructional activities you implemented, including specific resources used... (You may copy your answers from appropriate sections of you DISD Lesson Plan.)
a) ... in preparation for the experience, as well as how you introduced the learning objectives and how you introduced the content and format of the experience itself.
In preparation for the field trip, we discussed our prior knowledge of plants describing their needs, color, shapes, and names, documenting the information on a class KWL chart. We also discussed the life cycle of plants- the changes plants experience from dying in the winter to blooming in spring- and people who care for plants. During the week prior to our trip, we read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "When Spring Comes", and "Flower Garden".

b) ... during the experience, as well as any scaffolding and differentiations you provided.
During the experience we (the teachers) reminded the students to remember the chart we made and stories that we read prior to the trip, and encouraged them to identify the plants and their characteristics as we walked. We also used the lenses from the backpack provided to view the flowers from the perspective of different insects.

c) ... after the experience to extend the learning, as well as content ties to other curriculum, ideas to build upon, teachable moments, etc.
After the field trip we discussed the flowers we saw at the Arboretum and compared those flowers and their characteristics to the chart we made prior to going on the trip. We also made alphabet flowerboxes from brown construction paper. Each had a picture of a flower, insect, color, or type of detail observed at the Arboretum. For example, the "G" flowerbox was represented with a picture of green grass, "L" was associated with the white lily observed on the trip, and a yellow daffodil represented the "D" flowerbox.

3 a) Describe in detail how you integrated writing into your ArtsPartners Experience.

3 b) Tell us how the integrated writing assignment improved students' writing
4 a) Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your lesson plan as a teaching tool.
This lesson plan reinforces learning. It places more accountability on the teacher to not use the opportunity as a way to get out of the building but to use the field trip as a learning experience, being attentive to the purpose (objective), introduction, and extensions related to the field trip while reinforcing the curriculum adopted by the district.

b) What would you do differently if you were to teach this lesson again?

c) What suggestions, compliments, or requests do you have for the organization that provided your arts or cultural experience?
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to experience the trip to the Arboretum. The students really enjoyed the trip and were able to make real-life connections to the objecives taught in class and were amazed at the variety of flowers that exist that they were not previously exposed to.

d) What suggestions, compliments, or requests do you have for ArtsPartners?